Who We Are

Paul Scopton


Paul has over 35 years of experience in developing mostly catheter based products for medical device companies. The majority of this time was spent at Boston Scientific developing and launching catheters for the Cardiology, Peripheral Vascular, Urology, Neurology, Gastroenterology and Radiology markets. At last count, Paul has over 25 patents credited to him.

Yem Chin


Yem has 40 plus years in the medical device industry and gained his experience and expertise by developing catheter based products. He has developed various products interfacing with physician and helped launch products in Cardiology, Respiratory, Pain Management, Peripheral Vascular, Urology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Surgical and Radiology Markets. At last count he has over 85 patents credited to him.

About Us

Catheter Dynamics Inc.™ founded in 2012 is a company that focused its two Co-Founders combined 70 plus years of experience developing catheter based products by creating new ways to approach and simplify catheter development and manufacturing.

During that time we have used all types of catheter tipping and flaring systems none of which we have ever been happy with. We decided to think out of the box and create a different type of machine to tip and flare catheters. The result of our efforts is our EZ-TIP™ Catheter Tipping System. It provides precise control of your mold temperature and mold heating location so you are able to tip all thermoplastics as well as PTFE, FEP and other fluoropolymers. We have perfected FLASH-LESS TIPPING for most applications. We also include a universal non-marring clamping system so you do not have to switch clamps every time you want to change to a different size catheter. We strongly believe that EZ-TIP™ will make your life easier and less frustrating whether you are at the prototyping, pilot scale up or production stages of your project.

Our Mission

To consult with companies developing catheter based products so they can take advantage of our 70+ years of experience to cost effectively design and quickly bring new products to market.

To make life easier for designers/developers and manufacturers by providing a new catheter tipping system that is intuitive and offers fewer parameters to develop a process. Our goal is to provide a fast...repeatable...high yield process so the assemblers do not have to struggle to make it work.

Why we are different?

You will work directly with people that have hands on experience. We have actually developed products and processes ourselves from concept to market.