Tip Molds

Catheter Dynamics Inc.™ can provide molds and mold design support for any tipping application. Our molds are fabricated from a thin wall hard nickel material that provides for rapid heat transfer and cooling to minimize cycle times. We then insulate the mold from the mold clamp so the heat is confined to the mold and does not escape into the mold clamp. This minimizes the time to heat and cool the mold. We install the mold in one of our machines and develop the process parameters to send samples for your approval before we ship the mold to our customers.

We will work with your engineering team to understand the tip shape requirements and design a mold that will best fit the production application. Mold turnaround time is typically 3 to 4 weeks depending upon complexity. If there is an urgent need for a faster delivery to meet a project deadline, we can provide an expedited 2 week mold delivery which is subject to additional cost.