What EZ-TIP™ Offers
  • Flash-less Tipping
  • Universal Non-marring Clamp
  • Fast Cycle Times
  • Easy Validation
  • High Yields
  • Closed-loop temperature control
  • Air cooled/ no water chillers
  • Adjustable insertion force
  • Your own in-house Calibration
  • All thermoplastic materials
  • PTFE – PEEK – FEP processing
  • Flaring

We have developed a truly reliable, repeatable and easy to set-up and operate catheter tipping system. Our EZ-TIP™ Catheter Tipping System allows you to accurately control the tipping temperatures throughout the day and hold it consistently with a temperature range of plus or minus 2° F. This precise control eliminates any potential for overheating the mold that may result in burning the material inside the mold resulting in machine downtime.

Our machine does not use radio frequency induction technology or hot air and eliminates a number of the issues that is usually found using either heating process. Our machine runs on standard 110 Volts and 80 psi compressed air. Our system quickly provides the correct heat in the correct location on the mold and on a consistent basis eliminating hot spots commonly associated with RF technologies. Our catheter gripper is a universal non-marring clamp that can accommodate 3 French to 28 French catheters eliminating the need for custom grippers for each size catheter. Other sizes can be accommodated with minor modifications to the clamp jaws. Molds can be made available in as little as 2 weeks.

The tipping process is highly repeatable and simple to break down and easily set-up when changing to another product code. DOE's are much simpler because there are only 5 simple parameters to work with. These parameters are: temperature, clamp speed, mold pre-heat time, tip forming time and cooling time. All setup positions can be controlled using micrometer controlled stops and controlled within .001". The machine can be easily calibrated in-house with simple test equipment. EZ-TIP™ works with ail thermoplastics as well as PTFE, FEP and PEEK. Cycle times to form a flash-less tip are equal to and many times faster than RF or hot air systems.

Attached is a link to a short video showing our EZ-TIP™ Catheter Tipping System in operation - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCt0yTsma8_M3e5dkuPBDBA. We also developed a method to perform "flash-less tipping" for most applications. This eliminates the need to trim excess distal flash usually found in other tipping processes.

Hopefully you have an interest in following up on the capabilities of our EZ-TIP™ Catheter Tipping System. Please contact us and we will forward a brochure that highlights the features and benefits of EZ-TIP™ along with some pictures of tips made with our system. Please contact us at any time to discuss the features and benefits of our EZ-TIP™ Catheter Tipping System in more detail.

Thanks for your time.

What Catheter Dynamics Inc.™ offers
  • Mold Design
  • Rapid mold delivery
  • Process development