Catheter Dynamics Inc.™ initially started as a consulting group. Our over 70 plus years of combined experience has guided companies in developing new catheter based products. We have been instrumental in helping companies design new products, redesign or troubleshoot existing designs and address manufacturing and reliability issues. We have worked with physicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies with new product development in both diagnostic and interventional products.

Both of us previously worked for most of our careers at Boston Scientific as Product Development Engineers where we progressed to management positions. We directed projects starting from concept phase, into R&D, thru design freeze, into scale-up, into manufacturing finally resulting in product launch. We have experience developing devices for the Cardiology, Radiology, Urology, Endoscopy, G.I., Respiratory, Pain Management and Ultrasound markets. This has resulted in 110 patents credited to us and many more under review.

We believe that our past and current experience can help you achieve your goals of quickly and cost effectively developing a new product. Since we have worked directly with physicians in so many different markets, we understand what kind of product performance they want when the product is finally launched. We are used to "thinking outside the box" and are very "hands on". As a small company, we can work with you starting from napkin sketches to finished released drawings.

We have a proven track record in the medical device industry of developing new products and bringing them to market.